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Due to the expansion of e-commerce all around the world and the need to supply required items from international websites, TiExpress has developed Shop & Ship services. These services are also provided on the My-TiExpress. The noteworthy point is that, in addition, to buying from non-Iranian websites such as Amazon, E-bay, AliExpress, etc., this service has the possibility of buying from Iranian online stores and shipping outside of Iran.
In this service, the basic information of online shopping, including the following, is received from the customer in the simplest possible way in the "My-TiExpress" system:
• Purchase link
• Number
• Description
According to the received information, the calculation of costs including purchase, shipping, customs formalities and related fees are done and the customer will get the information on his/her user panel along with the delivery time.
It is possible to use various transportation services according to customer needs, corresponding time and cost, origin and destination customs considerations.

Shipping steps

We are with you step by step

Cost Evaluation and Transit time
Submit pre-Order
Shipment Collection
Payment and order finalisation

Rate & Transit Time


By clicking on the cost evaluation button and entering the basic information (weight, dimensions, value and destination), you will be connected to the online rate portal and receive the evaluated cost for sending your shipmenet to the chosen destination.

Sign up/ Sign in to My-TiExpress and fill in the necessary information in Pre-Order Tab, afterwards the Pre-Order Process will begin.

After Submitting the pre-order, Our experts will contact you for setting the time of shipment collection and make the necessary arrangements.

After receiving the shipment at TiExpress, the shipments will be properly packed and the Pre-Order information will be corrected if needed.

After your final approval on the shipment, the payment and finalising of the shipment start.

Your shipment will be sent to the destination and gets delivered on the declared time. You can track your shipment on My-TiExpress at any time.

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