T-Express is constantly expanding its international and domestic network to ensure that customers experience wider access worldwide. For this reason, T-Express is constantly trying to expand its network by creating select access points in Iran and the world.


Complete the online registration form

The first step is to provide an online application form with a work plan so we can do the evaluation.


Initial acceptance process

Our network management team carefully studies applicants' applications and selects suitable candidates.


Contact the applicant after reviewing and confirming the form by the company

An initial preliminary meeting will be held to analyze the applicants' requests and business opportunities to determine the final terms and conditions of the agreement.


signing agreement

If the parties concerned agree on contractual issues, they will sign the agreements agreed at the meetings.


Passing marketing and technical training course

Once agreed, T-Express will facilitate freelance operations with training courses and provide you with a comprehensive training program on the business. The purpose of these courses is to acquaint you with the rules and regulations of this business in order to create a unique experience for T-Express customers.


Evaluation and certification

Preliminary evaluation to ensure that freelancers meet international courier and cargo standards and meet customer needs. After the evaluation, you will be granted a work permit on behalf of T-Express as a "Eligible Freelancer".


Benefits for network members and freelancers

• Enjoy the benefits of Tipax brand along with T Express brand
• Benefit from regular and routine business customers
• Holding specialized training courses on the sale of international freight services
• Eligible certificate
• Join the T-Express network
• Prepare specialized catalogs and brochures and print them to promote your business
• Sharing current marketing costs
• Enter name, contact information and location of Free Lancer on T-Express website for accepting international shipments
• Official introduction of free launchers in exhibitions and related occasions
• Refer customers from each region to the nearest freelancers

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